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  • author ( 20, female / sugar baby | Weston Creek, Australian Capital Territory, Australia )

    f*k me mummy. pwease get in this butt. spank dis fing. <3. >:D <3

  • author ( 18, female / sugar baby | Register, GA, USA )

    pick me up im already in a bag. im a m&ney bag hand out my body chunks to strippers. lets go to golden corral and swap around the foods. lets go to a salon but before me enter dip our feet in butteh. lets go to a cinema...  see more >>

  • author ( 18, female / sugar baby | Agen, Aquitaine, France )

    i'm a spiritual person, i do believe in crystals power so my first date idea is in a spiritual store with some food (because who doesn't like food?) and i not learning you some things about spirituality.

  • author ( 19, female / sugar baby | Flagstaff, AZ, USA )

    How about we go grab some late night dinner then drive up to the nearest mountain and look up at the stars and have meaningful talks :) Then we could go get some dessert and walk around the city and go into the stores, h...  see more >>

  • author ( 20, female / sugar baby | Flossmoor, IL, USA )

    My ideal first date would include going to a quit and clam location to sit and clear our conciseness. we can connect on a spiritual level that doesn't involve spending m&ney. i would love to connect on a deeper level whi...  see more >>

  • author ( 46, male / sugar daddy | Lake Forest, IL, USA )

    Mani+pedi. We'll be surrounded by Asian girls giggling, "oh, she so beautiful, you very lucky" I know an extremely clean salon here in my town, where they're mindful to maintain a clean environment. What's your...  see more >>

  • author ( 24, female / sugar baby | LOUISIANA, USA )

    My idea of a first date is doing something nice outdoors . I love nature , and I love water . That also helps me to be more comfortable . I love music (all music) . Honestly as long as we have an great vibe going I'll lo...  see more >>

  • author ( 47, male / sugar daddy | Montreal, QC, CAN )

    A slow approach holding eye contact, take your hands in mine, inhale your breath, kiss your neck, hug you tight and.

  • author ( 39, male / sugar daddy | Cocoa, FL, USA )

    This would be interesting, discussion wud b about everything. n I say everything with no reservation n judgement

  • author ( 23, male / sugar daddy | Castle hill, New South Wales, Australia )

    i would like a fella to deflower me, insert his throbbing cock into my rectum and cum all inside of me! im not a slut but i really love dick, that would be such an awesome first date! just imagine what we what we would d...  see more >>

  • author ( 63, female / sugar baby | Honesdale, PA, USA )

    Walking or attending a conference/ speaker/ Music etc. Or riding a motorcycle/horse etc. What the idea is to be..

  • author ( 35, female / sugar baby | New York, NY, USA )

    A perfect first date for me begins with great dinner and conversation. A long walk around the city or through a park and ends with a sweet kiss.

  • author ( 30, female / sugar baby | Brooklyn, NY, USA )

    Just the both of us getting to know each other under the shining bright white stars under cozy blankets.

  • author ( 27, female / sugar baby | Austin, TX, USA )

    Dinner so that we are able to get acquainted. Or we can soak up the sun at Barton Springs during the day. Either or I will be satisfied.

  • author ( 31, female / sugar baby | Australia )

    Im looking for someone to write to emails ect. An exclusive very special pen pal. Id love to send pics of my self little videos ect. So a first date would b an email. I want to connect on a spiritual level with someone n...  see more >>

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